Body slimming and scrubs

Treating yourself to a body scrub, especially when combined with a massage, is simply relaxing.Body scrubs aim to encourage the natural flow of circulation and a great way to exfoliate dead skin cells ...resulting in glowing skin.


Infrared body slimming wrapping is a healthy,non-invasive therapeutic treatment that helps reduce the appearance of cellulite, stretch marks and it is effective in aiding with cm and kg-loss, including heat-therapy benefits. The Infrared Body Wrap System burns 600-1000 calories in a single session while melting body fat and cellulite! This thermal sauna blanket treatment is very popular and effective in weight loss fat burning and body slimming. Blood circulation and lymphatic drainage improve metabolism and burns fat to achieve weight loss. Also helps to remove toxins from the body so that the body can feel refreshed. Constant therapy will improve immunity.

Benefits of this treatment:

  • -detox waste and impurities,
  • -increases heart rate,
  • -tones skin,
  • -relaxes muscle,
  • -decreases joint stiffness,
  • -relieves pain associated with soft tissue injuries,
  • -burns 600-1000 calories per wrap
  • -balances endocrine system and hormones
  • -increases circulation and blood flow
  • -increases extensibility of collagen tissue
  • -helps resolve inflammatory conditions
  • -produces endorphin-induced relaxation.

The Body Wrap is a safe and effective process that may be done as often as you wish. For cm loss results, a series of 6-12 wraps performed twice or three times a week gives most clients the best results. Waiting too long in between wraps means that each wrap is just detoxifying your body from what was introduced since your last wrap. By getting wraps closer together your results are cumulative. If you are losing weight, a continuing series of treatments will show results and help tighten the skin to your new shape. For maintenance we recommend coming in every 6-8 weeks, this helps to clean your body of toxins and decrease the need for storing fat.

Contraindications: medications,pregnancy/breastfeeding,menstruation,cardiovascular conditions,alcohol/alcohol abuse,chronic conditions/diseases associated with reduced ability to sweat or perspire,hemophiliacs/individuals prone to bleeding,fever,insensitivity to heat,implants,pacemakers.
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Basic Body Scrub

A creamy body scrub using 100% natural sea salt is massaged onto the body which gently exfoliates and delivers essential minerals to the skin.A body milk with shea butter then applied to rejuvenate and nourish, for a soft, silky and supple skin(includes a shower).

Extra Body Scrub and Massage

This rejuvenating treatment starts with an aromatic full body exfoliation to buff away dry skin, followed by a full body treatment that works in essential hydrators with flowing massage movements.

Deep Cleansing Back

First, back skin is cleansed and exfoliated.Next, impurities and imperfections are extracted, followed by a purifying mask. Finally, the back is moisturized to restore nutrients and hydrate. Recommended for bodybuilders, people with cystic acne, or during bathing suit season.